Autobiography of an Androgyne by Earl Lind

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Autobiography of an Androgyne by Earl Lind

Autobiography of an Androgyne by Earl Lind

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Autobiography of an Androgyne 1918 is an autobiography by Earl Lind. Accompanied by an introduction by Dr. Alfred W. Herzog Linds autobiographyintended for a clinical audiencehas been recognized as a pioneering work in the history of transgender literature. Throughout his life Lind was forced to justify and defend his existence from puritanical authorities who refused to even recognize the reality of his identity as an androgyne. In the first of his trilogy of autobiographical works he not onl
  • מותג: Graphic Arts Books
  • קטגוריה: ביוגרפיות
  • מספר עמודים: 208
  • כותב: Earl Lind
  • פורמט: Paperback softback
  • שפה: English
  • מוציא לאור / לייבל: Graphic Arts Books
  • תאריך פרסום: 2021-05-21

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