Meat The New Cigarette by Matthew A. King

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Meat The New Cigarette by Matthew A. King

Meat The New Cigarette by Matthew A. King

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In his eyeopening book Matthew King registered nurse and president and cofounder of the Christian Animal Rights Association examines the harmful effects of consuming meat and animal products from a scientific and medical standpoint . . . and the startling similarities between the promotion of Big Tobacco and Big Meat including marketing industryfunded studies lobbying and government subsidies. Fifty years ago cigarettes were glamorized in advertising and even doctor recommended. Now of course
  • מותג: BookBaby
  • קטגוריה: דעת, גוף ונפש
  • מספר עמודים: 144
  • כותב: Matthew A. King
  • פורמט: Paperback softback
  • שפה: English
  • מוציא לאור / לייבל: BookBaby
  • תאריך פרסום: 2022-01-23

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