The Autumn Throne by Elizabeth Chadwick

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The Autumn Throne by Elizabeth Chadwick

The Autumn Throne by Elizabeth Chadwick

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The Son She Loved. The Betrayal She Faced. The Legend She Became. The stunning conclusion to the Eleanor of Aquitaine trilogy by New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth Chadwick. Imprisoned by her husband. Separated from her children. If King Henry II thought these things would push his queen into submission he was wrong. Emboldened by her experiences as the young Queen of France and determined Queen of England Eleanor of Aquitaine refuses to give into his tyranny. Freed by his death she bec
  • מותג: Sourcebooks & Inc
  • קטגוריה: עיון
  • מספר עמודים: 505
  • כותב: Elizabeth Chadwick
  • פורמט: Paperback
  • שפה: English
  • מוציא לאור / לייבל: Sourcebooks & Inc
  • תאריך פרסום: 2016-10-04

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