Uva Uvb Reptile Heat Lamp With Dimmable For Tortoise Lizards Snake

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Uva Uvb Reptile Heat Lamp With Dimmable For Tortoise Lizards Snake

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1. Professional Reptile Heat bulbs professional 50W reptile turtle bulb can offer UVA & UVB spectrum light for the turtle which can help the turtle grow health and the reptile heat lamp bulb also can offer heat for the turtles and other reptiles which can let the reptiles more active.2. one Reptile lampshadeholder is a ceramics material that is able to withstand high temperatures. The horn shape lamp shell design can let the light focus on the reptiles in the tank.3. Turn on/off timer and dimming functionOur turtle lamp has a light intensity controller which can control the reptile lamp light intensity to offer the most comfortable condition for your reptiles pets and our controller also can set the time for the light when to be on and when to be off.2H light on means the light will be on for 2 hours. for example when you press the "clock" sign at 8:00 and when the 2H light is on then the light will be on from 8:00-10:00 every day. There are 2H 4H 8H options for you.Specifications:For reptile pets, like tortoises terrapins, lizards snakes spiders frogs mammals, and other pets. UVA and heat for thermoregulation: Stimulates natural effects of sunlight to promote a healthy reptile50W fit for aquarium/tank length
  • מזהה Fruugo: 297439204-665549436
  • EAN: 6225819308350
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