Bath & Body Works I Love You 3 Wick Scented Candle 14.5 oz / 411 g

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Bath & Body Works I Love You 3 Wick Scented Candle 14.5 oz / 411 g

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Feel the love with our Cactus Blossom fragrance in a blend of Cactus Flower Petal, Sun-Kissed Coconut & Fresh Sparkling Lemon. Say it with scent Our perfect 3-Wick Candle just got even better with a fun message on each candle, great for gifting or keeping. Made using the highest concentration of fragrance oils, an exclusive blend of soy-based wax and wicks that won't burn out, our candles melt consistently & evenly, radiating enough fragrance to fill an entire room. Topped with a decorative lid Burns approximately 25 - 45 hours and measures 4" wide x 3 1/2" tall. 4 Tips to Safely Enjoy Our Candles 1. Don't touch your candle while hot. 2. Keep an eye on all your candles and never burn near anything that can catch fire. 3. Keep your candles clean by trimming the wicks to 1/4 inch before you light them, every time 4. Keep candles out of reach of pets & children. See your pack slip included with Candle purchases for more information.


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