E.S.L - English As A Second Language (2008) DVD Movie

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E.S.L - English As A Second Language (2008) DVD Movie

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A stranger in a strange land, Bolivar De La Cruz (Kuno Becker) has just crossed the border from Mexico in search of a better life. In contrast, restless, club-hopping second-generation immigrant Lola Sara (Danielle Camastra) has the American Dream at her fingertips but feels like a stranger in her own life, forever caught between appeasing her old-world mother (Maria Conchita Alonso) and following her heart. On the surface, despite their shared ethnic heritage, Bolivar and Lola have little in common. But when their lives unexpectedly and violently intersect, these two people from very different sides of the same culture find themselves on a collision course with events that will change their lives forever!
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