200 Pcs Disposable Hair Nets Cap Non Woven Head Cover

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200 Pcs Disposable Hair Nets Cap Non Woven Head Cover

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200 PCS DISPOSABLE HAIR NETS CAP NON WOVEN HEAD COVER Our Disposable Hair Net create a solid barrier, perfect for food industry, cleaning and laboratory use. Broad stretch band simplifies donning and doffing, while providing improved wearing comfort affordably priced disposable design delivers use-once convenience suggested use - food service, hospitals, laboratories, manufacturing. Especially during the epidemic, home essential for every family. FEATURES Non-woven fabric Resist contamination of finest particles Quality stretch bands Form fitting and comfortable Moderate length Good flexibility Suitable for various head shapes SPECIFICATIONS Material: Non-woven Fabric Length: Approx. 16cm Width: Approx. 2.3cm Colour: White PACKAGE CONTENT 200 x Disposable Hair Net

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