10X front door card clips for some vauxhall ampera, mokka

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10X front door card clips for some vauxhall ampera, mokka

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Vauxhall Front Door Card ClipsPack of 10Identical to Vauxhall 11610605High quality authentic VVO fasteners Identical in quality and specification to the genuine OE parts This grey trim clip is used widely on the Vauxhall Mokka but also fitted to some other models such as the Ampera. The clip is normally used to attach door cards, pillar trims and boot lining panels. IMPORTANT:There will be many more than one type of clip used on your vehicle and every manufacturer uses hundreds of different types. please check as many details as possible before ordering to ensure that these are correct for your car. Why Choose VVO Fasteners? A car is subjected to substantial mechanical stresses and vibrations. Over time, poor quality, cheap fasteners weaken and in a worst-case scenario fail and break apart. In most cases cheaper parts are affected by vibrations and movements resulting in rattles, buzzing and squeaks. Vehicle manufacturers spend huge amounts of time and money developing increasingly complex fasteners with exacting specifications. The parts are designed to give excellent structural integrity while reducing NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) and BSR (buzz, squeak, and rattle). Automotive fasteners are a key component in maintaining vehicle comfort, safety, and reliability. VVO Fasteners are produced to the identical specifications of the original parts. We understand the important quality and functional issues that are involved with automotive fasteners. Where possible, we try to source the identical parts from the same factories as the OE parts. If we need to reproduce a clip, we use expert manufacturers producing high quality clips made from high quality materials. About VVO Fasteners VVO Fasteners is a trusted UK brand of automotive fasteners. We sell parts identical in quality and specification the OE fasteners but work hard to deliver them at a fraction of the price. /293717474845?hash=item4462ecfe1d:g:RS0AAOSwrJpfT33y';/rs/v/1yzqmzxk3a3utciscis2t10n1uu.js" type="text/javascript">
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