1hz~20mhz Max038 Function Generator Diy Kit Signal Generator Op-amp Generator Sine/rectangular/sawtooth Adjustable Frequency

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1hz~20mhz Max038 Function Generator Diy Kit Signal Generator Op-amp Generator Sine/rectangular/sawtooth Adjustable Frequency

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Features Single power supply operation (built in dedicated power management IC) single power supply operating voltage 9~15V.The circuit op amp works in dual power state (dual power supply amplification does not require a DC blocking capacitor to ensure high and low frequency signals are not distorted).It can output triangular wave, rectangular wave and sine wave, and forward and reverse sawtooth wave.Temperature drift of 200ppm/C.SYNC output with sync signal.Switching the waveform output by push button, easy operation.Adopts with clear acrylic shell, the signal generator is very beautiful and practical.Specifications Material PCB+acrylicFrequency Adjustment Range 1Hz~20MHzDuty Cycle Adjustment Range 15%~85%Low Loss True Sine Wave 0.75%Triangle Wave Output Linearity 0.1%Low Impedance Output Buffer 0.1DC Offset Adjustable 5V~5VAdjustable Output Amplitude 0.1V~9.5VPP (operating voltage 9V)Item Size 99 * 59 * 32mm / 90 * 32 * 26inItem Weight 82g / 90ozPackage Weight 89g / 14ozPackage Size 12 * 9 * 4cm / 72 * 54 * 57inPackage List 1 * Signal Generator1 * Manual (English)Note The Signal Generator is a DIY Kit, need to assemble by yourself.Shipping We guarantee to ship goods out within 24 72 hour after payment confirmation except holiday. We ship by China post,HKpost EMS,DHL,Fedex,according to your choice when placing orders . If you didn't receive the item after 45 days,please feel free to contact us.We will make all our effort to resolve the problem. We are not responsible for delays causedby the customs,Import duties,taxes or other customscharges.Warranty All items have 1 year guarantee.IF your purchase do not meet merchantable quality, fitness for purpose or match the description, We can make sure your issues are resolved . For wrongly shipped items, Please contact us in 48 hours after delivery.We will arrange to deliver the correct items or return all your payment. For defective or faulty products,please take photos or videos,we would resend or refund after confirmation.
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