32lb5610-cd Led Backlight Strip Bar For Lg Innotek Drt 3.0

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32lb5610-cd Led Backlight Strip Bar For Lg Innotek Drt 3.0

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32lb5610-cd Led Backlight Strip Bar For Lg Innotek Drt 3.0. Specifications Type: Industrial Computer Accessories Model Number: 32LB563B 32LB5820 32LB563V 32LF565B 32LB5600 32LB561T 32LF560D Package: Yes Plug Type: EU Plug Color: White Use For: 6916L-1974A 6916L-1975A 6916L-1981A Use For1: 32LX761H,32LY750H,32LB582T,32LB5610,32LB5630,32LB563Z,32LB580V,32LB561 Use For2: 32LB5700, 32LB570B,32LB570U,32LB570V,32LB5800,32LB580U,32LB580V Use For3: 32LB585V,32LF5610,32LF561V,32LF5800,32LF5809,32LF580V,32LW750H Use For4: 32LX541H,32LX762V,32LY540H,32LY541H,32LY760H,32LB582B,32LY751H Use For5: 32LB5600,32LB563V 32LB572U,32LB57YM,32LB5810,32LB582Y,32LF5600 Use For6: 32LX330C, 32LY340C,32LY755H,32LX340H,32LX560H,32LX570H,32LX570M Use For7: 32LB563U,32LB565U,32LB572V,32LF560U,32LF560V,32LF562V,32LF564U Use For8: 32LF580U,32LX341C,32LY345C,32LB560B,32LB563B,32LB582D  LC320DUE 32LF592U 32LF561U NC320DXN VSPB1 32LF5800 6916L-1974A . Your order will be shipped from abroad so please allow the necessary time of at least 14 work days for delivery due to ongoing delays in postal deliveries globally.
  • מזהה Fruugo: 85216751-176834622
  • EAN: 3503924633684
  • נמכר על ידי: Dirtypigs

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