4 Channel Bluetooth Microphone 48v Sound Mixer Console

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4 Channel Bluetooth Microphone 48v Sound Mixer Console

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4 Channel Bluetooth Microphone 48v Sound Mixer Console. Features 1.LR Main Mix 2.USB Digital Audio Sound Card 3.Recording Function 4.2 Mono (1 Guitar High Impedance) / 1 Group Stereo Input 5. High-quality Two-band Equalizer 6.Built-in 48V Phantom Power Supply 7. Channel and Main Mix Level Display 8.2 Track Recorder Return 9. Headphone Monitoring 10. + 22dBu Drive Capability Output 11. Microphone Preamp with Excess Capacity of + 34dBu 12. Ultra-low Noise Amplification Design 13.Bluetooth / MP3 Player / Recorder with Simple Human-computer Interaction Interface 14. Digital Reverb Effect 15. Metal Case, Gold Plated XLR, Sealed Potentiometer and Switch 16. Powered by External Power Adapter Specification Name: 4-channels Mixing Console Audio Mixer Color: Orange Material: ABS Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.1% Frequency Response: 20hz-20Khz±5dB Noise: -80dB MAX Output: 4V / Max Parameter EQ: Hi: 12KHz ± 15db;Low:80Hz/± 15db Size: 186x162x66mm Package Include 1 X Audio Mixer 1 X Power Cable 1 X User Manual  .
  • מזהה Fruugo: 51321004-103077874
  • EAN: 3253054122625
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